Common Questions


  • Solidity Quirks
  • Day 4: I’m getting familiar with all of the tools. With my current knowledge, I’ll only be able to spot very specific bugs. I need to broaden my knowledge and read more code. I’m also realizing math will be an important skill in this field.
    • Finding interesting contracts to analyze takes time. Some kind of parser would be nice.
      • Reading through “internal transactions” is a good start.
      • GitHub has also been an ok source.
  • Fuzzing has been helpful and fun.
  • Ethers.js is not my first choice, but it’s popular. Damn Vulnerable DeFi taught me a lot about Ethers.js.
  • Day 14: Seems like everyone working in the space is pretty anonymous… I may end up doing the same.
    • By now, I’ve written a basic parser to find interesting contracts.
    • I’ve gone through Ethernaut and Damn Vulnerable DeFi. Really helped me in learning Solidity and Yul. Lots of clever solution writeups to discover.
    • EVM is no longer a mystery, it’s just a really cool machine.
    • Currently thinking about specializing and auditing with code4rena. Still testing the waters.