When using old code examples, be sure to update your Cargo.toml file with the latest packages to prevent any issues.

  • Start here
  • Then understand serialization
    • Gives a great introduction to how Solana programs are executed and how to encode instructions.
    • Interactive examples included.
  • Then understand instruction data
    • Focuses heavily on the Rust side of things.
    • Goes over impl, structs, and enums.
    • Real-world example included.
    • This is without using the Anchor framework.
    • Will be useful for understanding how to decode transaction data in real-time.

Friendly reminder to update your Solana dependencies when using old code samples, be sure to update the Cargo.toml file with the latest packages to prevent any weird issues! This has cost me many hours by now :)


This issue happens when you try to build a project with outdated dependencies.

error: package `bumpalo v3.15.4` cannot be built because it requires rustc 1.73.0 or newer, while the currently active rustc version is 1.72.0-dev
Either upgrade to rustc 1.73.0 or newer, or use
cargo update -p bumpalo@3.15.4 --precise ver
where `ver` is the latest version of `bumpalo` supporting rustc 1.72.0-dev

Extra Resources